About Us

We're passionate about bengali culture, art & heritage

We're a team of bengalis and non-bengalis living in bengal or outside but we're united with the mission of telling the stories of bengal and its culture, heritage, art and all the good things which make Bengal unique. We believe that if you get to know all the fascinating and interesting aspects of Bengal, you are bound to fall in love with her. And that belief make us go crazy to spread the word about Bengal around the globe to make everyone fall in love with Bengal!

Bangla Canvas is the outcome of that belief and craze. We've created a online platform and a banner to publish, curate all the relevant content and products to tell the stories of Bengal so that you can explore and experience Bengal like never before!

Join us as member, collaborator, volunteer and just subscriber to help spread the fascinating stories of Bengal around the globe!

Behind the Curtain

Chhabi Maiti Bangla Canavs.jpg
Sudeshna Bangla Canvas.jpg


Co-Founder & Chief Strategist

Chhabi Maiti

Kolkata, India

Bengali literature enthusiast

Sudeshna Das

New Delhi, India

Bengali culture conservationist

Mayurica Bangla canvas.jpg

Head - Films & Productions

Mayurica Biswas

Mumbai, India

Documentary Film enthusiast


Head - music

Arundhati Biswas

Bangalore, India

Music enthusiast