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About Us

We're passionate about bengali culture, art & heritage

We're a team of bengalis and non-bengalis living in bengal or outside but we're united with the mission of telling the stories of bengal and its culture, heritage, art and all the good things which make Bengal unique. We believe that if you get to know all the fascinating and interesting aspects of Bengal, you are bound to fall in love with her. And that belief makes us go crazy to spread the word about Bengal around the globe to make everyone fall in love with Bengal!

Bangla Canvas is the outcome of that belief and craze. We've created an online platform and a banner to publish, curate all the relevant content to tell the stories of Bengal so that you can explore and experience Bengal like never before! We're also adding the taste & flavour of Bengali cuisine in the platter in the format of Quick Service Restaurants (QSR) across the cities and towns to spread that taste & flavour under one brand name.

Not just web magazine or cuisine, we're bringing all unique lifestyle products from Bengal in retail outlet format and E-commerce platform. One can find Terracotta to books, Clothing, Home decor items which are designed and made by thousands of artisans, artists across Bengal and Eastern part of the country which share the similar taste and lifestyle.

We're also creating a complete stay experience providing a true Bengali style hospitality in a format of Resorts and Farmstay in select locations all over Bengal.

Bengal's experience will never be complete if we don't add Music & Film to the platter. And That's why, we are also producing music films and other audio-visual media content to tell the stories more powerfully and effectively ensuring you are completely tuned and glued to Bengal - for ever!

One can also join us as member, collaborator, volunteer and just subscriber to help spread the fascinating stories of Bengal around the globe!

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