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The best way to experience a culture is through its food


You can not complete experiencing the rich culture of Bengal without exploring its culinary platter. Bangla Canvas strives to bring the best of Bengali culinary culture through its chain of restaurants, cafes, food outlets and Culinary Initiatives where you can eat and experience how amazing the Bengali and Kolkata food platter is.  



The chain of restaurants and food outlets managed by Bangla Canvas brings the best of Bengali and Kolkata style food and beverages - in various formats of restaurants: Quick Service (QSR) and Casual Dining Cafes to Fine Dining to offer varied experiences to the customers for a complete cultural spectrum.


Cuisine R & D

Bangla Canvas invests resources into Research & Development of Bengali cuisine. This initiative has two primary objectives:

  • to restore the long lost or forgotten recipes which once ruled the Bengali culinary landscape and were loved by the world

  • to innovate recipes and food items based on traditional Bengali food while mixing with various other cuisine and tastes

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