Bangla Canvas opens its 1st Retail Experience Store in C R Park, Delhi

With a vision to promote the art and culture of Bengal and the eastern region of the country, Bangla Canvas opens its first retail experience store in C R Park - the bengali cultural hub of New Delhi. The store at 54, Market 2, C R Park has two sections to experience the cultural aspects - cafe and crafts! The cafe brings the flavours of the Kolkata street food - from biriyani to sandwich, from fish fry to latte! While the crafts corner has a curated collection of handicrafts and lifestyle products from all the possible categories: from books to terracotta, from hand painted trendy t-shirt to fashion accessories - all hand made by the talented artisans from bengal and eastern region.

The experience store has open air dine-in area to accommodate 15-20 guests at a time willing to sit and relax with their favourite cup of coffee or kulhad chai and a fish fry or a cutlet!

The food menu:

Contact for enquiries / booking:

C R Park Area Manager:

Sandeep / 9205030348

Whatsapp: 7044979849


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