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Durga Puja in Delhi: a Photo Tour

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

I have been fortunate in capturing some interesting candid moments of Bengali Durga Puja outside Bengal. In C R Park, Delhi, the most interesting aspects of the "Probasi" puja is the amalgamation of different cultures, language. A Durga Puja "Pandal" or premise becomes a milieu of multi-cultural and multi-linguistic diversity. Which may not be that much prominent in a Kolkata Puja. People take frenzy in bengali culture of tradition like "Dhunuchi dance", "Dhaaki-rhythm and dance" so much that they "fall in love with Bengal"! And that's why Probasi Pujas are so significant in spreading the good vibes of Bengali culture.

Some of the photos from a such a Probasi Puja in Delhi:

bengali cultural showcase during durga puja
a girl performing a cultural dance on a "Puja" premise

Sindur khela in delhi durga puja showcasing bengali culture
The quintessential "Sindurkhela" enjoyed by everyone, bengali, non-bengali alike

bengali culture, sindurkhela in a probasi puja in delhi
A group of women joining the cultural dance on the Puja Premise

Delhi Puja reporting bengali culture and tradition
a TV reporter reporting live from the Puja premise

Bengali culture documentary from delhi
Selfie with Durga Maa

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