Kolkata's top trending 4 places for Photography enthusiasts

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

Calcutta, or Kolkata, is a kaleidoscopic mirage of cultures and ethnicities and also of enchanted enhancement and to witness the marvels it encircles within one would really need to quit the internet and trod down on the exuberant streets. From yellow taxis and hand pulled rickshaws to rickety trams meandering the roads, every sparking corner of the city screams to be captured on lens.

The following are just a select few from innumerable myriad of joints, streets, and haunts, the enigmatic City of Joy has to offer.

1. Victoria Memorial

This grand monument made of white marble stands as reminiscence to the rule of British Crown in the Indian subcontinent and as an excellent architectural gem providing the essence of Victorian era in the midst of the bustling metro city. Victoria Memorial is well maintained with beautiful gardens. It is the ideal location for a pre-wedding shoot with so many potential features to exploit in creativity.

Victoria Memorial Hall, Kolkata - top place for the photography lovers

2. Princep Ghat

The two kilometre stretch of beautiful riverfront early in the morning or at the brink of twilight is what amplifies its photographic significance. It is an unique mixture of boats and local masseurs and calls upon the endearing capture which would stay on through time.

3. Kumartuli

Kolkata’s age old traditional potter quarter and is highly known for its sculpted idols of gods and goddesses. One can sit inside artisan’s workshop and watch them bring to life different forms of creative delicacies. The craftsmen are busiest from August to October, during the Durga Puja season, which also makes it the best time for photography enthusiasts to show-off their skills.

4. Newtown, Eco Park

Eco Park is rather recently developed when compared to other places in the city but with its key attractions like the Rose Garden, the Butterfly Garden, the Fruit Garden, the Tea Garden, the Eco Island, and the most note-worthy of all, the replica of Seven Wonders of the World. Eco Park also provides a awe-strucking aura when the sun sets on the horizon of the water body, which makes it perfect for captures that blend with the orange and golden rays of the sunset.

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