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The Road Less Travelled - the Photographic documentary of Bengal by Sanjay Das

Sanjay Das, a Delhi based ace advertising professional and passionate about art & photography has taken numerous initiatives to document various cultural aspects of the country through his lenses. Despite being deeply rooted in bengali culture and heritage, he discovered what bengal truly is to a photography enthusiast when he was in his forties. Since then began his tryst with Bengal and its natural beauty - more in the hinterlands of Bengal. He travelled to the nook and corners of the rural bengal, immersed himself in the way of life with the local people. This travel across the roads less travelled he discovered, captured and documented the lives of the common people in his camera.

His work and the photographs have been framed, curated for broader public in an art gallery at Delhi on 24th April 2022. He also talked about his journey and inspiration in an interactive session, organized by the art gallery committee.

The Photography frames are available for purchase for the art curators. Price ranges from 30,000/- to 2.25 lac.

Sanjay Das Photographer Bangla Canvas
Sanjay Das, the creator of the " Road less Travelled"