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Top Photos of the week: 5 July

This week's top photos are from different subjects ranging from people of Bengal to natural treasure of Bengal showcasing people from different walks of life, festivals, birds and animals which enrich Bengal's culture, heritage and biodiversity. Let's take a look at the top photography of the week:

A little village girl from Purulia with a mask used in a popular festival Chhau

bengali girl photo chhau dance dance cultural bangla canvas bengali magazine
Photo by Anshuman Paul, Rajarhat (Kolkata)

Indian white eye is a very common bird of Bengal which is commonly called as "Chosmapakhi" due to their white eye patch

indian eye bird chosmapakhi bird of bengal photo bangla canvas bengali magazine
Chosmapakhi: Photo by Soumya Chatterjee, Mahinagar (Kolkata)

The Florist: The trader of flowers in Bengal

florist of bengal bengali online magazine bangla canvas
Florist: Photo by Rohit Saha, New Alipore

The little Squirrel found in the park of Victoria Memorial, Kolkata and captured in a nice frame

squirrel photo bengal bengali magazine online bangla canvas
Photo by: Yukti Adhikary, Bauria

The fading hand-pulled rickshaw of Kolkata: Though the pulled rickshaws are fading from the streets of kolkata, few still remain dotting the busy streets of central and north kolkata

hand pulled rickshaw kolkata bengali online magazine bangla canvas
Photo by Sandipan Saha,

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