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Weekly Photography Competition

Bangla Canvas Weekly Photography Competition:

We are launching weekly photography competition where any photography enthusiast can participate by sending their best of photography (only one entry per participant per week) taken either in mobile phone or DSLR on a given set of subject or topic. We will publish top 5 photos on our website and our social media pages!


1. Age group: 18+

2. Send your entry only by email to info.banglacanvas@gmail.com by mentioning your name, city/town/village ( other details are optional) and the subject / topic for which the entry is sent

3. Only one entry per participant per week will be allowed

4. The photography entry must be in Jpeg only upto 10 MB size

5. Weekly submission timeline: entries received till Friday night would be accepted for that week's " Top 5" list

6. Participant can not do any photo design and artistic editing

General Subjects for which Photography would be accepted:

1. Daily life of Bengal and its people

2. Nature of Bengal

3. People of Bengal

4. Heritage of Bengal

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