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The best way to understand and experience a culture is through its food

Bangla Canvas brings an eclectic menu of delicacies from Bengal. Through its chain of restaurants in various formats like Quick Service Restaurants (QSR), Cafe or Casual Dining Restaurants and Fine Dining, Bangla Canvas wants to reach out to the food lovers across the globe introducing them to the wonders of Bengali and Kolkata style food & beverages.

Cafe / Casual Dining

Through Casual dining format restaurants and Cafe chain, Bangla Canvas provides immersive cultural and culinary experience to the customers. More elaborate food & beverage menu, carefully curated for the local customers, would be bound to give the customers a relax way to experience the Bengali lifestyle, the fun of quintessential "adda" sessions with friends and families while enjoying the taste of Bengal! Select Cafes and Casual Dining outlets also would have a craft store to shop handicrafts while the customers enjoy the food & drinks!

Food Cart

Quick Service Outlets

Our Quick Service Restaurants outlets (QSR) is for takeaway and delivery options to let you taste Bengali delicacies on the go! 

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