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Bangla Canvas Cafe

Bangla Canvas strives to bring the best of Bengali culinary culture through its chain of restaurants, cafes, food outlets and Culinary Initiatives where you can eat and experience how amazing the Bengali and Kolkata food platter is.


Bengali cuisine is not limited to ‘Machh Bhat’ it has a wide variety of food items. Bengal has a huge range of veg as well as non-veg dishes, and Bangla Canvas is here to introduce you to the rich food culture of Bengal. We serve authentic Bengali food with love. So, come to Bangla Canvas for an amazing dining experience.

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Cafe & Kitchen

C.R. Park Cafe

 Bangla Canvas opened its first cafe at Market 2, C R Park Delhi, with the motive of introducing Delhi to the food culture of Bengal with great delicacy and unforgettable taste.

Kolkata Cafe

After getting love from Delhi, Bangla Canvas opened its second cafe outlet at the heart of College Square Kolkata.

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